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Malcolm Arnold Academy

At Malcolm Arnold Academy we seek to broaden the horizons of each and every one of our students, helping them to achieve at the highest level both academically and in their talents outside the classroom.

Principal's Welcome

Malcolm Arnold Academy is striving for excellence in all areas. We are unapologetically ambitious for our students and are determined that each and every student will be able to learn, to understand and to know the most powerful, rich knowledge in subjects across our broad and balanced five and seven year curriculum. Our mission is to prepare all students for the opportunities before them so that everything is possible. We want all of our students to aspire and to be educated through to the end of our Sixth Form before they continue their education at university, or seek new opportunities in apprenticeships or employment.  

Every student who joins us belongs to our MAA family; our school is rich with heritage and culture and we love this about our school; we are proud to be a Church of England school and embrace being a school of 'all faiths and none'.  We are a warm strict school with clear, high expectations of our students and of ourselves. Students are taught good manners, respectful behaviour and etiquette. We care about this and want to prepare our students to become courageous advocates in society.  Enrichment is the entitlement of each and every student at our school - we want all of our learners to participate in clubs and societies and to seize every opportunity. We ‘live life in all its fullness’, John 10.10 

Our staff are the greatest resource in our school in serving the needs of our students. Our teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach and are unfaltering in their determination to inspire students and teach them the very best knowledge that there is to learn. We have teams of specialist support staff who wrap care around our students and ensure that they are safe, happy and well.  

It is a combination of this excellent teaching, support and care which helps our students flourish inside and outside the classroom so that each and every one of them becomes the very best they can be.  

Do come and visit us to see for yourselves. 
Ms Jane Buggins

Executive Principal's Welcome

At Malcolm Arnold Academy, our mission is to deliver a world-class education that is ambitious, broad and knowledge-rich, and that equips our pupils to live happy, full and successful lives. It is a deeply lived mission that is seen in our:

• Our warm and strict environment
• The powerful knowledge we teach
• The care and support we give
• The professional integrity we value
• The scholarly endeavour we ensure

This is the culture in which our MAA students and staff are immersed. This is where our students and staff flourish; where we ‘do good, seek peace and pursue it’ Psalm 34:14.

We love visitors! So please get in touch for a tour around the Academy; you are most welcome.


Mrs Megan Morris
  Executive Principal