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Malcolm Arnold Academy

At Malcolm Arnold Academy we seek to broaden the horizons of each and every one of our students, helping them to achieve at the highest level both academically and in their talents outside the classroom.


First impressions are very important, and we expect students’ clothing and appearance always to be smart and well presented both inside and outside the academy.

Our students wear their uniform proudly, with shirts tucked in and looking smart.  We work hard to eradicate fashionable uniform trends, such as having large gaps between trousers and short trainer socks, short skirts, dyed hair, piercings.  These, we realise, seem minor to many, but it is worth reminding ourselves that the purpose of uniform is to remove hierarchy, difference and status as much as we can for our students.  Whilst ever students can raise their status over others with minor amendments to uniform (blazer sleeves rolled up, skirt shorter than allowed, several piercings) then we allow a culture to develop where appearance is an important part of who students are.  The entire reason for having a uniform in a school is to remove that culture.  In a great school, students do not focus on what another person looks like, they are much more focused on their personality and character.  This is especially important in the world we currently live in where social media constantly reinforces messages to children that their status is heavily tied up in how they look.

We believe that tackling this culture in school will support pupils with their mental health, and this is why such minor infringements of rules are so important to us – it isn’t because we think that having a short skirt, or brightly coloured hair, or several piercings affects the way a student learns, but it is because we understand that it is an attempt to be different, to raise themselves in status (often with unintended consequences) and reinforces a culture where students feel that they have to look a certain way. 

With this in mind, we would like to request that parents support us in reinforcing the rule that trousers should meet socks, and the socks should be black ankle socks, not shorter trainer socks please.  It is fashionable to have short trousers and a big gap between trouser and sock, and the bigger the gap, the more the student is attempting to establish themselves as different to others.  The uniformity of uniform is very important, as it levels the playing field for everyone.  No-one looks cooler, richer, trendier or more rebellious than anyone else, then the attention can be focused on what lovely people we are.

Please be mindful when purchasing your child’s school uniform, ensure it meets the stated description below. If you require support with purchasing uniform, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Uniform requirements and dress code for all academy students in Years 7-11

All Students

• Navy blue blazer with gold trim and academy crest

• Black suit/slim fit trousers (these must be standard school type, not a skinny fit, not jeans, not chinos, not elasticated lycra or leggings.

• White collared shirt (standard school type, no polo shirts)

• Navy blue tie with gold stripe

• Black socks, calf length (not ankle or trainer socks)

• Black polished shoes (not trainers, canvas or rubber-toed shoes. If laced, black laces)


Optional Uniform

• Black box pleated skirt (knee length)

• If wearing a skirt, black tights.

• Navy crew neck jumper to be worn in addition to blazer

• White collar blouse (long or short sleeved)

• Hijab – Navy, beige or neutral colour. Ties are not to be worn with a hijab


• A wristwatch may be worn.

• No more than one small stud in the lobe of each ear may be worn. No other jewellery is permitted. Putting 'spacers' in or plasters over piercings is not acceptable.


• Extreme styles are not acceptable. Hair should be of a natural colour. If hair is over shoulder length, then it should be tied back for all practical lessons, or where health and safety requires it. Shaving any part of the head, including tramlines, is not accepted, nor is the use of gel to create unusual styles.

• We understand that students frequently change their appearance during their summer holidays. Please can you ensure your child returns to the academy meeting the above expectations in regards to piercings and hair.


Light make-up may be worn to give a natural look.

Other Items

Sweatshirts and other items of leisure wear such as denim jackets and baseball caps are not allowed inside the academy.

All uniform and possessions must be clearly marked with the student's name.

PE kit

• MAA polo top or MAA rugby top

• Navy shorts

• Socks (a change of socks from the ones they will wear for the rest of the school day for hygiene reasons)

• Suitable trainers for exercise, not canvas or pumps.

Please see link for items of PE kit -this is only for replacement pieces. If your child already has MAA kit we do not expect them to purchase new kit unless needed.

Please use the following link to find our supplier of PE kits -


All students must bring the following into equipment to class:

• Your child must have a complete pencil case including, pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, scientific calculator. Where a student forgets equipment, we will give this to them.

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