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Malcolm Arnold Academy

At Malcolm Arnold Academy we seek to broaden the horizons of each and every one of our students, helping them to achieve at the highest level both academically and in their talents outside the classroom.

Malcolm Arnold Academy is Ofsted Good 

Good afternoon

I am delighted to share with you our recent Ofsted report and pass on my gratitude to you and your children for your part in our wonderful learning community. There are many highlights:
  • The school has high expectations of all pupils. 
  • Pupils are considerate, polite and courteous. 
  • Pupils know that teachers want the very best for them. 
  • There is a purposeful atmosphere around the school. 
  • Pupils work diligently and behave very well. 
  • Pupils feel safe and know who to talk to about any concerns they have. 
  • Pupils feel welcomed and supported. 
  • School prioritises pupils’ personal development exceptionally well. 
So many lovely things to read that have come from Inspectors talking to students, family surveys and seeing us in action.
I am enormously proud of and grateful to our staff team who work hard to make MAA the place described in this report. I will be sharing this report with students next week and conveying how proud I am of them too.

Finally, we do appreciate your support and feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Kind regards
Megan Morris

malcolm arnold academy ofsted report 2023.pdf