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Malcolm Arnold Academy

At Malcolm Arnold Academy we seek to broaden the horizons of each and every one of our students, helping them to achieve at the highest level both academically and in their talents outside the classroom.


House members will sit down together at lunch times to share a nutritious and well-balanced meal, learn social etiquette and catch up on house news.

House managers will be responsible for the pastoral care of students and foster a mentoring programme.

Within the academy, a student's emotional needs, maturity level, social skills and ability to cope with issues associated with developing as a competent learner will be known; support and challenge will be offered by house teams. The activities of the houses will play a central role in the wider development of students and promote concepts of service to others in the wider community. Membership of a house will broaden young people's horizons through opportunities to develop team and leadership skills and it will support them with exemplary pastoral care both through the vertical house system and positive peer mentoring.

Houses will be the organisational system underpinning breakfast clubs as well as at lunchtime when more formal arrangements will apply. Houses will be responsible for the extensive co-curricular activities programmes and clubs to be delivered within the extended school period.