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Malcolm Arnold Academy

At Malcolm Arnold Academy we seek to broaden the horizons of each and every one of our students, helping them to achieve at the highest level both academically and in their talents outside the classroom.

Careers Guidance & Post 16

Every child deserves to leave education with the knowledge and skills that open access to the best possible opportunities in life.

DfE – Education Excellent Everywhere, March 2016

Malcolm Arnold is dedicated to broadening the horizons of all students.

The CEIAG curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills to be well-educated, ambitious and socially responsible citizens who will continue to learn, work and lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society. 

All students from year 7 to year 13 have access to an extensive CEIAG programme that includes the opportunity to meet local colleges, employers and university departments.  In the past 12 months our students have been engaging with lecturers, nurses, physical trainers, authors and HE students as well as taking part in Mock Employer Interviews, NHS Workshops, Apprenticeships session and even visits to a working Farm in Devon.  These are not one-off events, they tie in with our desire to give every student the information and experience they will need to make informed decisions about their own future, across all year groups. 

Students in Years 7 to 13 have an entitlement to participate in two Aspiration and Careers related activities each year on the MAA programme. This will provide them with the opportunity to learn about: 

  • The range of career paths available 
  • Career sectors 
  • The skills (and subjects they need to study) they need to develop to enter a particular profession 
  • Knowledge of the local labour market to determine where they might find jobs and apprenticeships 
  • The different academic and vocational routes to further education including A Levels, T Levels, Apprenticeships and courses specific to a career they have an interest in. 
  • What routes to follow post-18 including University, volunteering, degree level apprenticeships and employment 

Stakeholder and Employee Engagement

Employers and external stakeholders are vital in supporting the Academy to achieve its vision for CEIAG.  

The Academy is working with a variety of stake holders including local employers, universities, apprenticeship providers, enterprise advisors & SEMLEP, parents and charities.  

If you can offer subject-specific or sector-specific knowledge and support through our programme in the form of a workshop for a small group of students; attending a careers fair or giving an assembly, or virtual presentation, to larger groups of students we would welcome any contribution you may be willing to make.  

Please contact Stuart Finan (Careers Lead) where upon we will arrange to meet and discuss how we can work together to create a meaningful activity that helps the Academy to address the needs of our individual students.  

Telephone: 01604 778000  

Provider Access Statement 

Monitoring and Evaluation

Malcolm Arnold Academy measures the impact and progress of the career’s strategy using Compass – the benchmark tool that measures impact against the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. 

The Academy measures and assesses the effectiveness of its Aspiration and Careers programme using a range of approaches: 

1. Level of engagement with support from Prospects 
2. NEET figures – those Not in Education, Employment or Training 
3. Recording all activities with student names and cohorts on Compass+ 
4. The evaluation of Aspiration and Careers activities by Academy staff, students and external agency staff 
5. Participation in an Alumni programme  
6. Our partnership with the SEMLEP team through Vikki Morton who offers valuable advice and support to enable our team to meet the CEIAG statutory requirements in the form of the Gatsby Benchmarks. 
7. Quality Assurance of the careers program through the termly self assessment using the compass evaluation in line with the Gatsby benchmarks. 
8. Working with the evaluation system within the Quality in Careers Standard to achieve accreditation*. 

* Working towards the Quality in Careers Standard 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Malcolm Arnold Academy is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

As a diverse multicultural academy we ensure that all stakeholders are valued and their differences celebrated. To ensure that all students can meet their full potential it is essential that inclusion and equality of opportunity are at the core of all CEIAG activities.

MAA are committed to challenging stereotypes and encourage students to aim high. The Academy run a number of events that challenge stereotypes in society in relation to careers including, STEM workshops, university visits and drop down days. The MAAC department are supportive in ensuring that all SEND students access the same CEIAG provision and support them in making choices, particularly at key transition points.

Staff that support Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for CEIAG provision are:

Marian Crabtree – Assistant Principal                      Sarah Mackness – Post 16 Assistant Principal      

Laura Robinson – Assistant Principal                       Claire Humphries – SENCO

Paula Smith – Inclusion Director

Whole School Approach

A whole school approach to CEAIG recognises that all aspects of the school community impact on a young person’s ability to make well informed career decisions.

All staff including the SLT, teachers, cover supervisors, TAs and support staff have a responsibility in delivering impartial CEIAG provision. All subject areas have a CEIAG scheme of learning that links Careers specifically to the subject areas  

CEIAG is delivered through a variety of activities including careers days, external speakers, trips and individual guidance interviews.  

The members of staff dedicated to the leadership and management of CEIAG are:  

Stuart Finan – Lead Practitioner & Careers Lead   
E-mail:  Telephone: 01604 778000  
Alex Shaw - Director of Behaviour & Development, and STEM   
Paula Smith - SENCO  

Entitlement and Events

Malcolm Arnold CEAIG 7 11 Strategy

Feedback from our partner Employers

“There was lots of clear information provided beforehand. Even having the allocated timeslots etc was useful to help us know what to expect. Having all the information in a ready made pack was great too. This was probably the most organised employer/school event that I’ve taken part in. I really liked that the sessions were 1-2-1, often they are in groups. It allowed us to focus on the individual and for them to speak openly. The space was great and lunch was really nice too. All round a very positive experience!”  Phil Spokes – Spokes Education   

“Excellent venue, friendly staff, student were well engaged with the event.” – Mike Poole Decorating   

“The preparation and facilitation was seamless. Marking  / ranking system by teaching staff helped me  to understand how to position the conversation” BillieJo  - Lanes Human Resources.   

“I thought the format worked really well and felt like an informal setting for the students to open up about their experience. The most useful advice I could give students was to think of their achievements and apply them to the specification of the job they are applying for. Also, to recognise their achievements and the qualities they can help demonstrate. “ – Hannah – Northampton Partnership Homes   

Apprenticeship Information

What are apprenticeships?

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Northampton University

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