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Malcolm Arnold Academy

At Malcolm Arnold Academy we seek to broaden the horizons of each and every one of our students, helping them to achieve at the highest level both academically and in their talents outside the classroom.

Academy Information

Our vision is to broaden young people's horizons by creating a world-class academy.

We provide excellent teaching and learning and offer a wide range of outstanding academic and co-curricular opportunities.

We want to develop a culture of achievement, rooted in Christian values but welcoming students of all faiths or none.

In our latest Section 48 Report, it was noted that

The academy is characterised by its compassion and service towards all in its community. The well-being of the whole child is central to all policies and practices. The exceptional pastoral care demonstrates a Christian presence to pupils throughout the school day and beyond. Each pupil is welcomed personally at the start of the day by house managers and senior staff. Most pupils regard faith as a natural part of life and confidently express their views about spiritual matters.

It is a place where young people will learn:

  • That academic and co-curricular achievements are recognised and rewarded with equal merit
  • That their personal commitment to volunteering in their community makes a long lasting and positive difference to the lives of others and their own
  • To build positive relationships within the academy and wider community based on trust, fairness, tolerance and mutual respect
  • To approach unfamiliar situations with courage and forethought
  • To be confident citizens capable of engaging in conversation with anyone and everyone

Malcolm Arnold Academy has a calm, warm and welcoming atmosphere that helps each and every student grow in confidence. Our pastoral system, led by our dedicated and caring staff, is at the heart of support for each student, and we aim to help everyone studying and working at the academy to build good relationships.

Our staff are dedicated to leading the way in teaching, while always stressing the importance of traditional values. Our specialisms of maths and music are a focus of our personalised curriculum to encourage students to think outside the borders of each subject. Most importantly, we are a 'learning school', which means that all of us are always thinking of how we could do things better, whether in learning, teaching or relationships.

Our academy takes its name from the legendary composer Sir Malcolm Arnold. Born in Northampton 1921, he was one of the towering figures in 20th-century classical music. Malcolm Arnold wrote some of the finest film scores ever composed and his music has been performed and recorded by leading orchestras nationally and internationally. His work in musical education has been impressive; including helping establish the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. 

Our Team

Pastoral Team 

Miss B Potterton                  Head of Year 7

Miss K Willett                      Head of Year 8       

Miss S Mcfarlane                 Head of Year 9      

Mrs C Wheller                     Head of Year 10         

Mrs P Souster                      Head of Year 11     


Assistant Heads of Year

Mr V Raghoo           

Miss D Church