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Malcolm Arnold Academy

Malcolm Arnold Academy is a mixed-gender Academy in Northampton, England, for pupils aged 11 – 18.

Executive Principal's Welcome

Mrs H Brothwell

We are extremely lucky to have state of the art facilities, expert teachers and a wonderful student body who make up our MAA family.  We have so much to be proud of, including our academic achievements, our focus on ambition and aspiration, our commitment to disruption-free classrooms and the wide and wonderful opportunities open to our young people. 

We believe in the acquisition of powerful knowledge, delivered explicitly by teachers who are subject experts.  Your child is so lucky to have access to the best that has been thought and said, through our rich curriculum which teaches subjects deeply, helping students to learn core knowledge and practice and apply what they have learnt. 

 We will ensure that students have a broad foundation of knowledge which is an inch deep and a mile wide, and a deeper understanding of key areas of each subject discipline which allows them to think critically in those subjects.  

Latest News

The academy is now closed for the Summer break but there is always someone who can help you.

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