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Life With Us

Malcolm Arnold Academy has a strong support system that helps staff and students alike.

Malcolm Arnold Academy manners and house system underpins all that is good about academy life. As was noted in the latest report by the Peterborough Diocese into the cultural, social and spirtual impact of the academy: "The manners system highlights positive behaviour and pupils respect one another, treating others as they would like to be treated. Pupil’s views are valued and acted upon. They organise a range of different fundraising events, and support of local charities is embedded throughout the house system. The excellent promotion of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is demonstrated through the curriculum and in the academy environment."


Everyone in the academy is a member of a house, including students, teaching and support staff, and our vertical House structure ensures effective personal guidance for everyone’s journey at the academy. We have eight individual houses, each named after a successful Northampton shoemaker; Cheaney, Cleverley, Crockett, Franklin, Loake, John Lobb, Sargent and Tricker.


House members sit down together at breakfast and lunch times to share a nutritious and well-balanced meal, learn how to talk to people of different ages and levels of seniority, and catch up on house news. House managers are responsible for the pastoral care of students and foster a mentoring programme.


House teams help to support a student's emotional needs, maturity level, social skills and ability to cope with any issues associated with their academic and personal development, as well as helping them to see what they need to do to support others. They also give students opportunities to improve their team and leadership skills, and are responsible for all the activities, programmes and clubs outside normal lessons.


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