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 Should you wish to contact any of the key contacts at the academy, please email stating which member of staff your email is for and it will be forwarded to them on your behalf.           

Executive Leadership Team

Mrs N Koncarevic                 Principal

Mrs L Cummings                  Vice Principal – Progress and Attainment

Mr D Gadsby                       Vice Principal - Behaviour, Attendance and & Well Being

Mrs L Kingett                       PA to Principal


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs K A'Court                      Assistant Principal - Behaviour for Learning

Mrs R Anderson                   Assistant Principal - Curriculum Development

Mrs M Crabtree                    Assistant Principal – Teaching & Learning (ITT/CPD)

Mr M Gay                            Assistant Principal - Student Progress KS3

Mrs C Scrivener-Wallace       Assistant Principal – Student Progress KS4

Mr C Waite                          Assistant Principal – Student Progress KS5

Mr Alex Shaw                      Director of STEM

Mrs L Robinson                    Director of Enrichment

Mr J Tibbles                         Director of Music


Pastoral Team


Mrs C Wheller                      Head of Year 7

Miss C Humphries                Head of Year 8

Miss L Price                         Head of Year 9

Mr D Wheller                       Head of Year 10

Mr A Gbokoyi                       Head of Year 11


Miss H Nightingale                Pastoral Manager

Miss J Hull                           Pastoral Manager



Mr C Waite                           Key Stage 5 Leader

Ms H McClue                        Assistant Key Stage 5 Leader

Miss A Barford                      Year 12 & 13 Year Manager



Miss A Thomson                   SENCO

Mrs S Evelyn                        Safeguarding, Attendance and Welfare Officer  

Mrs M Ashley                       Safeguarding, Attendance and Welfare Officer  



Surname Department Email Address
Mrs K A'Court Assistant Principal
Miss O Akinjobi Teacher of  Maths
Miss R Anderson Assistant Principal
Miss Y Bailey Teacher of Maths
Miss M Beevis Teacher of Maths
Miss K Bennion Lead Practitioner ITT
Mrs F Bichener Lead Practitioner  English
Miss R Billington Teacher of Science
Miss S Bradbury Teacher of English
Mrs C Cooper Subject Leader History
Mr I Cooper Subject leader Maths
Miss L Liddel Lead Practitioner of Humanities
Mrs M Crabtree Assistant Principal
Mrs E Cummings Vice Principal
Mr M Davies Teacher of Science
Mrs S Dexter Teacher of The Deaf
Mrs T Friel Teacher of Art
Mr D Gadsby Vice Principal
Miss L Gardner Teacher of Music
Mr M Gay Assistant Principal
Mr A Gbokoyi Assistant Key Stage 4 Lead/ Teacher of ICT
Mr J Greenwood Teacher of History
Miss S Hardman Teacher of PE
Mrs A Hartland EAL Tutor
Mrs C Hopkins Subject Leader Drama
Miss C Humphries KS4 Leader / Teacher of PE
Miss L Love Teacher of Art
Mrs M Knight Teacher of Maths
Mrs N Koncarevic Head of School
Mr N Long Subject Leader Business Studies
Mrs S Mackness Subject Leader Science
Miss S Maher Teacher of English
Mrs J Mallett PP Lead Teacher
Mr I Mason Teacher of PE
Mss H McClue Assistant KS5 Leader / Teacher of English
Mrs H McDonald Teacher of French
Mrs K Millerchip Teacher of Music
Mrs M Newbery Behaviour Support Manager
Miss L Pestell Teacher of PE
Miss J Pienkowska  Asst KS3 Maths Lead/ Teacher of Maths
Miss L Price Assistant KS3 Lead/ Teacher of PE
Mrs H Prince Subject Leader ADT
Mr D Purse Director of Football 
Miss C Rampley Teacher of English
Miss N Ratcliffe Teacher of RE
Mrs L Robinson Director of Enrichment
Mrs C Scrivener-Wallace Assistant Principal
Mr A Shaw Director of STEM
Mrs P Souster Teacher of History
Miss A Thomson SENCO / Teacher of DT
Miss L Underwood Head of English
Mrs T Vaughan EAL Tutor
Mr C Waite Assistant Principal
Miss I Weaver  Lead Practitioner Science
Miss C Whelan Subject Leader Health & Social Care, Teacher of PE
Mrs C Wheller Subject Leader Geography
Mr D Wheller  Head of Year 10
Mrs K White Teacher of Health & Social Care
Miss K Willett Teacher of Geography



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Tel: 01604 778000

Fax: 01604 778074


Principal: Mrs Nicola Koncarevic


Malcolm Arnold Academy

Trinity Avenue




Malcolm Arnold Academy is part of the David Ross Education Trust

Address: David Ross Education Trust, Charnwood College, Thorpe Hill, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 4SQ.

Telephone: 01509 320148